Our Purpose

It is our belief that every person, regardless of ability, should have the opportunity to wake up and have a productive, fulfilling day. We believe that barriers to integration in the community should be removed and opportunities for meaningful employment should be plentiful. The new Cardinal Cushing Centers MarketPlace moves us closer to realizing that vision.

About Us

Cardinal Cushing Centers is a place of opportunity and hope, where individuals from school age though adult and elder years experience learning, work, social relationships, recreation, and enhanced independent living in a caring and engaging setting.

All experience better lives together than they would alone. Families, as well as individuals through our communities, share in the journey, gaining strength and insight as a vital part of the mix.

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Reasons To Support Cushing MarketPlace

Great Stuff

Take 2 has some awesome, gently used items for amazing prices!

Planet Earth

Reduce, reuse and recycle!


The MarketPlace provides jobs to wonderfully unique students.

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Interior of a greenhouse with hanging plants and growing vegetables in the beds on tables

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Handmade beaded bracelets on string in multiple colors including blue aquamarine yellow and green

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